Distance Reiki with Follow Up Call (60 mins total)


This is a similar product to my other Distance Healing/Chakra Cleanse offering, except this also includes a 30 minute follow-up call, in addition to the 30 minutes healing.

This is a great option for those looking for a deeper dive and receiving extra benefits from a call, to talk about anything that may have come up for you during the session.

Energy exists simultaneously, hence working remotely is the same as if the person were in front of me.


During this 1 hour session (30 minutes healing, 30 minutes chat), I will tune into your energetic body to help balance and align your chakras and energy.

We have 7 chakras that run through the mid-line of our body – from above the top of our head, to out the base of our spine.

Our chakras are like mini-brain centres in our body, that are connected to various organs and pathways within our body. Our chakras are vital to help distribute ‘life-force energy’ (also known as prana or chi) throughout our body. Through daily life, the chakras can get sluggish or blocked and if ignored for a long period, can lead to all sorts of physical, mental or emotional problems. It is vital that blocks are cleared, so energy can flow freely throughout the body.

Availing of this session will always be beneficial as it helps our body move from ‘fight or flight’ into ‘rest and digest’. I will open sacred space to invite in the healing energies. I work with the Reiki & Seichem healing rays, and the violet flame from the angelic realm of Integrated Energy Therapy.

When you book this session, I will remotely cleanse, balance & align your chakras, so they are open and spinning correctly. We will set a suitable time, and all you need is a space to relax in. You can listen to some relaxing music or light a candle if you wish in order to create an ambient space for yourself. Other than that, simply be open to allow the healing energies to flow to your body. The healing will be 30 minutes and then we will jump on a call to chat for another 30 minutes.

In the energetic realm, everything exists simultaneously. Everything happens in an ever unfolding now so distance is no barrier! Energy follows intention, therefore this remote chakra cleanse works just as effectively as if the person were in front of me. Watch this short video to explain more.

Book one of these treatments now and we’ll schedule a date and time for your session. The total session is 60 minutes and all you need is a quiet space to relax in.

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