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Founder of Now Alchemy, Archer Love, joined the United States Air Force at 18, where he would be releasted with PTSD, depression and anxiety. These ailments sparked the fire of his deep curiosity for psychology and medicine.

He then joined the University of Arizona as a pre-med student where he triple majored in Chemistry, Psychology and Nutritional Science. Planning on becoming a psychiatrist, at this young age, Archer already knew he was meant for the medicine and healing path, but only knew of the pharmaceuticals offered in the Western culture. Like a true medicine man, Archer used these medicines that are prescribed during his undergrad and due to that up close and personal experience with those medicines, he had decided to keep searching for the remedies that truly resonated with his soul. It was not until after moving to Los Angeles that he would meet a medicine woman who introduced him to the concepts of alchemy and shamanism, which immediately uncovered his Lemurian memories as a priest and alchemist of that time. He went full throttle into the self-guided study of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Shamanism and Alchemy, and upon discovering an ancient substance known as Ormus, Archer knew he had found the remedy he had been searching for of his PTSD.

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Now Alchemy is the manifestation of one passionate man’s dream to create a family of wellness supplements that he could personal use and trust.

It started with him creating these elixirs for himself and sharing them with friends and family out of pure unconditional love for the health, peace and joy that his creations would bring to both himself and others. People from all walks of life loved his creations so much that word of his alchemy began to spread rapidly, organically, and globally. He did not plan on creating a brand, a company, or a business, but simply could not say no to the infinitely growing flux of people enthusiastically requesting his wizard like bottles of wellness elixirs. Like most of us, most of his days were consumed with worrying how to earn just enough of a wage to make ends meet. But one summer day in LA, while feeling depressed and sitting alone in his friends living room, whom was generous enough to let him sleep on her couch because his PTSD, depression and anxiety made it very difficult for him to keep jobs, he was feeling hopeless.

At that moment he heard a voice say “Do not stray from thine will.”. Archer calls it God, but whether it was the Universe, his higher self, God or whatever else you prefer to call it, he knew that it was the divine speaking. So, in that moment he made a vow to God that he would never again do anything that his heart did not desire. At that point he gave all of his things away, quit all of his jobs and decided to live free and houseless to fully devote himself to the spiritual path and his born destiny, which would later awaken as a shaman and alchemist. Living out of a small Honda Insight, he spent his days on breath work, yoga, fasting and made a special, ancient substance known as Ormus wherever he could. After being synchronistically blessed with an offering to use the kitchen at a temple in Venice Beach, CA he was able to conduct his alchemy in a reliable environment. And that is where Now Alchemy was born. Lifted by the wings of destiny, Archer founded Now Alchemy with no money, no partners, no business plan and no support other than that of the divine will of God and his own determination to provide others with the same shamanic and alchemical remedies that he single handedly made and used to support his own healing process. Today, Now Alchemy is supporting the healing process of countless people from all around the world who all desire to step into their greatest versions.

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