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Meet Karen Maloney, Inside Out Coach

“Your life is like a mirror reflecting your beliefs to you.”


Life wasn’t always how it is now. To many people I may look and appear the same, but INSIDE I feel like a completely different person. Just like a computer, I’ve installed a whole new operating system. I’ve deleted old files & replaced them with new programs instead (i.e. habits, beliefs, thoughts etc) and revolutionised my internal world, shifting the way I think and what I believe about myself. Everything comes from within – ‘as within, so without’. It’s been life-changing for me and I know it can be the same for you!
Now I can see CLEARLY that for most of my life I lived in the baseline energy of fear. I lived my life in ‘freeze’ mode. I felt disassociated, unsafe, anxious and I felt awkward being myself. I judged myself harshly (always trying to be perfect!) and my brain went a 100 miles and hour. But for the most part I never realised there was anything wrong with that. It was my ‘normal’. I thought it was a sign of my ambition and drive. Out of an unconscious fear, I lived from the level of my mind. I thought if I can think, plan, control and rationalise everything in my mind, I would be safe. That need for control provided me with a sense of safety and security inside, that I didn’t feel in the external world. But it also lead to burnout.
Why you make ask? Well now I know that our environment creates our programming. From our environment, or in response to our environment, we create our sense of self. Our environment is made up of our family, society, religion, education, culture etc. We all have programming from our environment that limits us or fills us with fear in some way. Neuroscience shows that up until age 7, we receive the majority of our programs as our brain is in a hypnotised state. It’s like a sponge absorbing everything without being able to analyse it. Not all programs are ‘bad’, lots are very useful, but if we experience any kind of trauma, loss, sense of abandonment etc during these years, we will play these out unconsciously until we look at it. Our external world is a reflection of our inner world.
From a few childhood experiences, my nervous system was programmed to ‘live in fear, not feel safe, and to freeze or shutdown as a coping mechanism’. These programmes & a sense of shame/ embarrassment lived with me (subconsciously) until my 30’s and affected every aspect of my life. As a result I closed off emotionally, became a control freak and always had my defences up…but I didn’t know why. After many years of an inner journey, I finally connected the dots and began changing the programmes & releasing the trapped emotions.
Now I live in a very different space internally. These subconscious programmes no longer control my life. I released the ‘root’ of shame I felt (which I was totally oblivious to) & created a sense of inner liberation, belief, joy, love, grace and flow. You may not have had a childhood trauma but you absolutely do have limiting beliefs as a result of your environment, we all do. We all learn who we need to be, how we need to be, and what we believe from our environment. Everything we do is a learnt ‘program’ or habit. A lot of these are highly beneficial, but if there is any area of your life where you keep seeing repeating patterns, it’s because you have a subconscious belief that is holding you back. The hint is in the name…it is SUBconscious. They’re our blind spots.
Now I work as an INSIDE OUT Coach, Silent Counsellor, Energy Practitioner and Podcast Host. My mission is to help people ‘reprogram’ themselves by changing their internal environemnt, releasing trapped emotions, changing what they think and believe about themselves and creating more empowering beliefs. Everything we are looking for comes from within. Ultimately EVERYTHING stems from what we think and believe about ourselves. I do this through a mix of mindset work, spirituality, self-mastery and fun. When we free ourselves of these subconscious patterns, we come back to wholeness, realising we are enough no matter what. We shift from fear (external ‘ego’ world focus), to faith and trust in ourselves and our life (internal ‘spirit’ world focus).
Connecting to the timeless part of us (our spirit) is key on our path. We are all a spirit connected to a body, having a human experience. Once we are fully awake to this truth, we see our pain or challenges as lessons for our growth. We realise that life is our school, and we’re here to learn and evolve into our highest self. It’s not easy work, but it is the most powerful work we can do.
Before using my life experiences and retraining as a Coach & Energy Therapist, I worked in the fast-paced area of Events Management. It was perfect for my high anxiety and kept me distracted from the inner work I needed to do. Eventually my constant ‘go, go go and need to control’ attitude led to burn out & becoming disillusioned about what it all meant! But it was only through these hard blessings that I finally took responsibility for my life and started my internal rewiring.
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Karen Maloney Inside Out Coach

“The Way Out is to go Within” 

Curiously, even though I lived from this place of fear and control (especially in my mind), I can see how I was highly intuitive from a young age. I didn’t understand it at the time, but I was curious about the mainstream narrative or the ‘status quo’ and how it dictated ‘who’ I was meant to be, when I didn’t even know myself! I often felt conflicted and struggled with feeling like I didn’t ‘fit in’ as I always seemed to be pulled in the opposite direction to the ‘norm’. I was (and still am) a big skeptic. I always have to explore and experience for myself, what’s true for me.
But somehow when these ‘intuitive pangs’ came on strong, I knew to follow them. I never understood why I was being called in another direction, but I trusted the feeling. In my ‘logical/rational’ mind most of the decisions never made much sense and often terrified me; but also deep within they always felt right. It was always scary trusting these decisions because I had to surrender and trust in the unknown, but that’s the only way to find your truth. I wasn’t conscious of it at the time, but somehow I felt or knew something was guiding me. So despite the fears, I followed.
It’s been a roller-coaster for sure, but I’m so grateful that I followed (and continue to follow!) this inner pull because ultimately we’ve all been give our own internal GPS system for a reason! However, our own inner knowing or intuition is not given credit in society (or school) and we’re taught to be mass produced versions of each other and live from our ‘thinking’ mind. This way of living is extremely limited and a guaranteed road to stress and unhappiness for the most part!
The most important work you can do is to KNOW YOURSELF truly, madly, deeply, without all the conditioning just handed to you. Being unafraid to look within and question your thoughts, beliefs and values, and make conscious choices that are better aligned with the core of your being.
The truth is, we are all born of the same essence, everything after that is a learnt behaviour. We all carry subconscious beliefs & patterns from society, culture, education, the patriarchy & generations past. We’re in a time of great transition now and it requires us all to look within and question our ways. It’s time we remember our shared humanity & oneness, as opposed to overly focusing on our separateness.
We are all on an awakening/remembering journey, but we have to be deeply connected to our body and to ourselves in order to allow this shift to happen. We have to honour all life and get precious about the space we and others occupy (both internally within ourselves, and externally in the world). Learning to cultivate a kind, caring, loving, supportive, soulful, nurturing, compassionate, respectful and honest relationship with ourselves is a crucial first step. I’m passionate about helping other women to create this inner change. Then the magic can begin to happen!
We’re here to enjoy and experience the full expression of life. This is the gift!

Skills & Achievements

  • Certified Silent Counselling Practitioner
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach
  • Host & Producer of the ‘Curiosity & Consciousness’ podcast
  • Certified Level 1 & 2 Reiki & Seichem Energy Practitioner
  • Certified Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner
  • Events Management Skills having worked in the industry for 5+ years
  • Hosted a live monthly Book Club on National Irish radio station, TodayFM
  • Established BalconyTV in Galway (an online music channel – since ceased)
Random Facts About Me:
  • I’ve backpacked around the world & visited almost 50 countries
  • I’ve walked on fire, dived in the ocean & jumped out of a plane
  • I speak (almost!) fluent Spanish
  • My friend’s used to call me Monica (as in Monica from Friends) because I was such a neat freak & germaphobe (I’m so glad I’ve done [do] my inner work & changed this!)