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#076 – Following Your Life Purpose with Barbara Mutedzi

Barbara Mutedzi Podcast

My guest this week is Barbara Mutedzi.

Barbara is a Conscious Leadership Coach, trained in neuroscience-based coaching, with a background in psychology and medical anthropology. Neuroscience-based coaching is the use of knowledge on the mind and brain for higher performance.

Barbara is a Transformational speaker, published author and writer. Her first book called, Am I Insane, Black or Just a Woman, speaks of her experiences as a young person transitioning through the insanity of everyday living, racism and growing up female in a largely patriotic society.

Barbara’s life purpose is to help people harness and control the power they already have within themselves to live their life purpose. She helps business, community and national leaders sharpen their leadership skills for higher performance and impact.


Barbara shares lots of knowledge in this episode and she has a wealth of experience, both from her life experiences and her studies. This was a great conversation that covered many different topics including; neuroscience, life purpose, overcoming fear, following our intuition, inner healing, consciously deciding our meaning, self-love, and equality V’s equality in relation to Black Lives Matter.

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