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#156 – Mindset & Manifestation with Chelsea Riffe

Chelsea Riffe Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Chelsea Riffe joins me.

Chelsea is a Mindset & Podcast Coach, helping women increase impact, stack cash, and share their unique story through podcasting. She’s also the host of top-rated podcast “In My Non-Expert Opinion”, discussing travel, business, entrepreneurship, mindset, and life in general.

Chelsea is an Aquarius Sun and Virgo Moon/Rising & 6/2 Reflector who loves rap music, nature documentaries, mysticism, reality TV, travel, podcasts, chocolate, and learning about the mind, body, and spirit.

Want to launch your own podcast? Chelsea’s 1:1 podcast coaching is open! Find more info and apply right HERE.


In this episode Chelsea talks about:

  • The importance of deciding what you want
  • Surprising lessons she learnt from odd jobs
  • How to reframe your thinking
  • The gift of emotions
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Listening to your body
  • The price of not living in alignment
  • And much more

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