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#120 – Happiness as an Attitude with Gianna Sullivan

Gianna podcast

My guest this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Gianna Sullivan.

Gianna is a happiness expert with more than 27 years of experience running programs that help underserved populations (including Mission of Mercy).

After years of helping, she became curious about why charitable giving was not increasing the happiness level of those she served – so she set out to find out why. Now Gianna spends her time sharing the mathematical formula of happiness and why it’s within our power to achieve 90% happiness.


In this conversation with Gianna, she talks about:

  • Her spontaneous divine encounter (that caused her to leave her VP role)
  • Why most people only experience happiness as a passing phase
  • The reason why most people are unhappy
  • Tools to help settle your mind
  • A key thing you can change in any situation
  • And much more

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