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#104 – Hormone Cycles & Menstrual Health with Kristen Ciccolini

Kristen Ciccolini

My guest this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Kristen Ciccolini of Good Witch Kitchen.

Kristen is a Boston-based holistic nutritionist and menstrual health educator, founder of Good Witch Kitchen, creator of the Superpower Your Natural Cycle membership program, and the host of the podcast, The Lunar Body.

She is certified from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and the Functional Nutrition Certification Program to help women manage their health naturally through evidence-based nutrition and spiritual practices.

Her specialties include hormone balance and menstrual health, as well as working with chronic dieters to overcome disordered thought patterns, emotional eating, and body image issues. She has been featured on CNN, Boston Magazine, Prevention, Healthline, and more.


This is a great conversation with Kristen who educated me on the male and female hormone cycles, how they differ, and how women were not required to be included in medical research before 1993. She even mentioned how the female hormone cycle was deemed too difficult to study.

Her focus and specialisation on hormones and menstrual health came about through her work with clients. Women considered issues with their period ‘normal’ and it always came up as an after thought or secondary issue to mention. Kristen mentioned that when it comes to PMS, there is a difference between ‘common’ and ‘normal’ symptoms.

In this episode, Kristen talks about;

  • What hormones are & what ones are involved in the menstrual cycle
  • Differences between the male & female hormonal cycles
  • How current patriarchal systems work against the female hormonal cycle
  • Benefits of becoming more attuned to your cycle
  • And much more

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