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#065 – Presence Reduces Struggle with Karen Maloney


This week I’m flying solo on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast.

For the last number of weeks, the inner stillness I cultivated during a 10 day silent retreat last year has been very strong. Honestly since that retreat, that inner stillness has never left me. It’s something we all have within us but it’s often buried beneath the conditioning, beliefs, thoughts, stresses & strains of daily life, that we forget it was ever there.

During that silent retreat, I remember one moment so clearly. I was really struggling with everything, I was caught up in my mind and I was waiting desperately for the bell to ring to indicate that the session was over. I was feeling exasperated but next thing I had a moment of clarity. I caught sight of how it was my complete lack of presence, non-acceptance of the moment and my resistance to what was, that was the cause of all my pain. When I released the illusionary thoughts that were in my head and the desperation in longing for the bell to ring, and just surrendered to the moment, everything shifted. Next thing there was no struggle. I was just in a state of pure conscious awareness and presence. Again this experience is something that stays with me and I can drop into at any time, and this is the message that was coming up for me to share.

The beauty of putting ourselves in ‘forced struggle’ situations or partaking in things that are outside of our comfort zone is that we learn new skills, we grow and we build tools of inner resilience and clarity. These are tools that can then support us, no matter what life throws up.

My invitation to you all is to do the work now. Build a daily practice. Sit yourself in meditation. Do your yoga or breath work. Put yourself out of your comfort zone and do it consistently because you will build skills to help you thrive through life. Life will always have challenges, but you can learn to grow in your ability to respond. That’s where our power is.

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