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#027 – Finding that Light Within with Sharon Fitzmaurice

By 22/08/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments
Curiosity & Consciousness Karen Maloney

“Listening is always the biggest part of any healing journey for ourselves”.

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I’m joined by Sharon Fitzmaurice who is a holistic wellness coach, best selling author and speaker. She specialises in empowering others to help themselves through meditation, mindfulness, Reiki energy therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, self-awareness and personal development.

Sharon works with individuals and groups since 2008 and has facilitated workshops, training and retreats that help participants awaken their potential.

After years of learning tools and techniques to help Sharon in her own healing and personal development, she wrote and published two books in 2018. In the first book Someone please help me, So I did‘ Sharon shares her own story of dealing with abuse, anxiety and depression. In the second she created a self-awareness gratitude and guidance journal so that after reading her book, people could apply some of her meditation, mindfulness and journaling skills to help the readers in their own healing journey.

As a regular speaker at events, Sharon’s down to earth approach and humour help the audience to be their true selves and know that we all have a story to share. We all matter.


Sharon shares her inspiring story and how she went from being full of fear, trauma, shame and isolation to empowering herself, realising she had a choice, retraining her mind and reconnecting to the light that was within her (her soul)!

After her ‘dark night of the soul’, Sharon began to rebuild her life, step by step, learning who she really was and who she wanted to become.

It’s an uplifting story as the same power and strength lies within us all, if we choose to connect to it and allow our true selves to shine.

Sharon has a number of events coming up throughout September including a ‘Cutting Ties with the Past’ Workshop, Meditation Classes as well as some speaking events. Click here for all details.

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Purchase Sharon’s book or Gratitude & Guidance Journal by clicking here.

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