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#069 – Calling in Angelic Support for Change with Karena Virginia

By 02/07/2020July 5th, 2020No Comments
Karena V

Karena Virginia is joining me again this week as my guest. This is the second time Karena is joining me for a chat. Her first episode was all about ‘Reclaiming Your Voice’.

In her work, Karena helps people to break through fear and free themselves. She also shares what she has learned about living with authenticity and being called to action.

Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s Belief Team, and she is a pioneer in the metoo movement who has discovered that the meaning of healing humanity starts with speaking truth and choosing love. She is passionate about helping others find their voices and heal.

Her clients are often professionals and celebrities who find Karena’s style accessible and enjoyable.


This conversation centres around Karena’s near death experience aged 12, speaking up against injustice, creating space for miracles and connecting to the angelic realm for support. As Karena mentioned in this episode, a lot of empaths or sensitive people are being activated at this time as our planet moves to a much higher frequency.

This can be scary, as we may be called to speak up against injustices or things we’ve long held hidden, but Karena shares her message of support for those who are called to the front lines. In 2016, Karena spoke out about an incident involving Donald Trump which left her feeling very vulnerable, but she also knew it was something she had to do. You can read more here.

Karena also has a wonderful 3 day Online Workshop coming up from July 10th-12th called Angel Sanctuary. Check out all the details here.

This virtual workshop will be for a total of 5 hours over 3 days with intense energy healing as well as:

  • ✨ clear out energy fields of blocks
  • ✨ pray deeply
  • ✨ clean our diet and eat lightly
  • ✨ connect in a healing circle
  • ✨ set intentions with affirmations
  • ✨ practice light yoga and stretch
  • ✨ meditate for forgiveness
  • ✨ tap away shame and guilt
  • ✨ practice self love
  • ✨ journal
  • ✨ receive deep healing
  • ✨ elevate our frequencies
  • ✨ create a field of pure possibility

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