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#070 – Functional Breathing for Overall Health with David Toney

David Toney podcast

This week’s guest on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is David Toney.

David has over 35 years’ experience in coaching and mentoring adults and children, promoting health & well-being. Along the way he has developed from his main speciality of Martial Arts to focus in on the softer arts. His greatest challenge now is to help people understand the simplicity of honing such a vital basic human function as breathing, in order to improve our all-round standard of living.

David has headed up the successful Martial Arts organisation, WJJF Ireland – making it into the largest Federation in Northern Ireland, and he is now the International Technical Director of WJJF-WJJKO, teaching and developing programmes all over the world.

These proven techniques and systems have supported his  personal transformation in his personal life, athletic career, and business as well as his coaching clients. He teaches that breath is the most important asset we have and most do not understand its use. He gives his students the keys to good physical and emotional health.


This was a brilliant conversation with David. I came across & purchased his Functional Breathing Course online and after completing it, I got so much benefit from it, I reached out to David to see if he would be interested in joining me for a conversation on this vital topic.

David shares so much practical and insightful information in this episode, all about learning to breath properly. If you were like me (and many of us), then you may think, what do I need to learn about breathing, I know how to breathe! Then I would think again. So many of us may breathe through our mouth, have snoring issues, have very shallow, upper chest breathing or asthma which are all signs of dysfunctional breathing. Everyone will learn something from listening to this episode and David shares some techniques to help you shift your breathing today.

David has 2 online courses as well, which he has kindly offered a 10% discount for listeners; use the code: soulpowerlight on checkout.

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