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#071 – Becoming the Eye of the Storm with Karen Maloney

Eye of the Storm

In this week’s episode of the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast I’m talking about a topic that was a common theme on a recent question I asked on my Instagram page – What do you struggle with most when making change?

In so many words, one of the most common answers was connecting to the present or staying present.

I decided to address this topic in this episode. Connecting to your body and noticing the present are key tools in order to stay connected to that place within you that is always still, calm and peaceful. The timeless aspect of yourself which is your soul. It requires practice to know this state, this inner feeling, but once you have built the practice, you can always connect to it in an instant.

We all have the capacity to be like the eye of the storm and be still no matter what life throws at us. Then from this place we can take aligned action or respond accordingly, and not fly off the handle and add to the storm.

Salsa and yoga were the pathways through which I started to become more connected to my body. Yoga with Adriene is the YouTube channel I mentioned during the episode in case anyone is wondering. I also mentioned Ceremonial Grade Cacao which I have been using pretty much everyday for the last year and a half; it is a powerful, nutrient dense, embodiment medicine. Check out my online shop if you want to find out more.

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