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#063 – Revealing Your Inner Light with Cassady Cayne

Cassady Cayne

My guest this week is Cassady Cayne.

Cassady is a bestselling spiritual author, soulpreneur and lightworker, creator of Twin Flames 11:11. With an academic background in psychology and history, Cassady’s sudden spiritual awakening unexpectedly connected her with the love and support of the universe and gradually took her from complete obscurity to assisting people all over the world in healing and uplifting their journey.

After receiving the direct guidance, support and love of the universe changed Cassady’s life beyond recognition, she seeks to share that help with others. Sharing channeled writing, guidance and healing sessions, Cassady’s work focuses on empowering people to unlock their divine purpose, connect with their intuition and live their highest path.

In just a few short years, Cassady’s work has gone on to reach millions of readers worldwide, with over 2.7 million YouTube views and close to half a million followers across social media.

Cassady’s new book, ‘The Universe Speaks – Are You Listening?‘ has been recently published by Hay House UK. Click here to order the book online and receive a free bonus gift.


I really enjoyed this conversation with Cassady. Her experience of a sudden awakening, was very far removed from her atheist upbringing. She very much believed in science and facts versus the idea of a higher power. However she couldn’t deny the sense of overwhelming love she felt during this experience and she set about learning more and embarking on her journey.

We touched on some deep questions during our chat (like who are we, and why we’re here?) but I think Cassady helps explain things in a very clear and easy to understand way.

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