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#062 – Creativity as a Tool for Transformation with Jacqueline Claire

Jacqueline Claire

This week’s guest on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Jacqueline Claire.

Jacqueline is an artist driven to uplift her community and bring people together through her paintings. She devotes her life and career to exploring the role of art and faith in elevating audiences, encouraging them to access mystical realities.

Jacqueline coined the term “Spiritual Realism” to describe her work as a visual artist. Spiritual Realism describes her own deep connection to the inner forces that guide her creative process. The exploration of Spiritual Realism in Jacqueline’s work focuses on humanity’s divine purpose, and our ability as individuals to reflect and refine how this manifests in material reality.

Her art is connected to her own expression of spirituality, sometimes inspired directly by the writings of the Baha’i Faith. Painting has become a means of meditation and prayer for Jacqueline and she hopes that spirit ignites the same sense of connection, joy and empowerment in her viewers.


A slightly different angle on the conversation today using art as a metaphor for transformation and change. When we connect to our creativity, we can use it as a powerful tool in helping us to change how we work, connect with ourselves and others, and focus on what is real and authentic.

Jacqueline is so passionate about her work and using art as a form of dialogue to help people explore their own consciousness and the idea of holding a place for our struggles, while looking for the light.

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