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#1 – Soul Talk Messages

By 10/05/2020June 10th, 2020No Comments

#1 – Journey on the Waves (10/05/2020)

This morning I felt called to journal. I haven’t done this in a long time but something happened this time. I wasn’t writing from my head, as a form of release like I used to do. I felt words come from my heart and my hand moved to write what was being transmitted. Here it is. I numbered this #1 as I feel this may be something I’ll be called to again. The message is short but it felt really beautiful.

“Love is the sum total of everything. It has the power to cleanse, clear, purify and uplift. Lean on it, don’t fear it and open yourself up to more of it. When you give love, you get to feel the benefit, even if it is not received on the other end – that’s not your concern. Love can bring us to our knees and cause rivers to flow from our eyes, but it will also catch us and lift us back up. Allow yourself journey on theses waves of love for nothing can be more pure”.

#2 – Joy (11/05/2020)

“Juicy, powerful, sweet-filled joy lives in our cells. Laughter, fun, play all excite and stimulate this joy. It is your divine right to excite your cells no matter what is happening. Exercise this right. Don’t waste this God given joy. Smile. Be with what is now, right now – not future, not past. Right now”.

#3 – Stand Tall (12/05/2020)

Blossom, flourish, grow. Be like nature, push through the darkness and bloom in all your glory. without care or worry in how you appear to others. Nature, flowers, plants, trees, weeds – proudly take their place and co-exist. Don’t camouflage to fit in. Stand tall. Everyone and everything that is here right now is meant to exist. Trace the seasons of death and rebirth.

#4 – Presence (13/05/2020)

We’re all here. We’re all where we’re meant to be. True joy is found in presence.

#5 – Inner States (15/05/2020)

Peace and tranquility are inner states of being. These qualities flow from your core. They are ever present but must be cultivated in order to be strengthened. When nourished they come everywhere with you. Their presence can be felt even amidst the most challenging times. In fact this is when you get to reap the benefits even more. Spend time cultivating these inner states. You will thank you.

#6 Choice (16/05/2020)

Life is a choice. Joy is a choice. Freedom is a choice. Fear is also a choice. We’ve been given the gift, it’s up to us what we make of it. External comparison, desire, craving isn’t fulfilling unless you fill yourself up first with you. Connect to you. Know you. Be you. Nothing can be more fulfilling. Then life takes on a different flow. Who are you? Without the labels, what’s left?

#7 Release (21/05/2020)

Cry. Release. Let it all go child. There is no need to resist or remain strong. Let it go. Weep. Cry. Release. It wants to get out. Let go of all the pain and sadness. Bring the wall down.




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