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#061 – Lines in the Sand with Karen Maloney

line in the sand

This week I’m flying solo on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast. It feels like AGES since I did a solocast, but this just burst out of me. It was coming up so strongly to be shared.

Over the last two weeks or so, it’s work that has been coming up for me personally as well. I’ve been drawn to re-evaluate and get curious about lots of beliefs, habits, behaviours and things that I accept or allow into my being that no longer make me feel good, including where and what I am putting my attention on. To be honest when I first felt drawn to explore again, I resisted, as my initial thought was, ‘I have great boundaries’ (hello ego!). But when I sat down and did the work…I was actually so surprised as I had lots of sloppy boundaries, and I’m so grateful (as always!) that I listened.

And I feel so many of us are coming to this point as well of doing another review, checking in and creating stronger boundaries for ourselves – up-levelling if you will. We’re embracing another level of self-respect and self-love that we’re no longer willing to accept less than we deserve. I know I’m not alone in this! We need solid foundations on which to build our life. It’s not pleasant when we build on unstable ground.

Funny thing is though, a few days after I recorded the episode, I read in Remington Donovans’ monthly newsletter (Remington is a previous guest of the show – check out his episode here) that May is a month of 5. Here’s what that means:

The number 5 is symbolized by a sword. So grab your sword and get clearing.  Cut away the dead weight, the useless, and that which doesn’t serve you. Whether it’s limited beliefs, clutter, or toxic relationships, clear the path and get going. 

5 is a powerhouse number. 5 is the number of strength and assertion. 5 is the planet Mars which is right action. Let the 5 energy give you the power to assert your wants and desires. 

Liberate yourself this month with the powerful incantation of the magic word – NO. When you know what you want, you know what you don’t want. Know when to say no. 

Amazing…no such thing as coincidence & I love these confirmations from the Universe! So out with the sword (not an actual sword!) and get to work…what are you ready to call time on? Call on Archangel Michael with his sword of light to help you. Say Yes to No!

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