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Ground Into Your Body!

Move Into Your Body blog

Our body is a vessel for transmuting energy. It is also our subconscious mind. Everything is stored on a cellular level within our body – our programs, conditioning, suppressed emotions, unresolved issues and traumas – you get the idea.

It is the most intelligent machine (I know we’re not machines!) we will ever be gifted in our lives and it knows exactly what it’s doing.

I mentioned the body is used as a conduit for energy and we are all made up of energy (how? – well we’re made up of trillions of cells, and each cell is 99.999999% energy and carries a current – hence we are all energy). So when we block, suppress, ignore, avoid or distract ourselves from feeling something we need to feel; it’s stored as a dense, heavy, lower vibrational energy in the body which causes dis-ease in the body. It can be stress, anxiety, muscle tension, rigidness, tightness or even progress into various illness.

This happens because we have stopped the natural flow of energy in our body. We have put a block on the circuit & everything has to work harder to keep things in balance. The more blocks, the harder is is to maintain balance (or homeostasis as it is known in the body) and shit can hit the fan!

What is the source of this energy I hear you ask?

Well lots of things – food, water, exercise, nutrients, proper breathing, oxygen, fresh air, nature etc. These are all vital but there is another source that is critical, and that is Source, God, the Universe, Divine Love…whatever you want to call it. It is the universal life force that flows into everything on the planet, and it is always ready and willing to flow into us.

Often, the more blocked our energy gets in our physical body, the more cut off from the universal energy available to us. Why? Because when we are in states of fight, flight, freeze, stress, depression, anxiety (fear based states), we’re more constricted and limited in our thinking and feeling. It’s like we put blinkers on and we become very linear in our modus operandi. We become more much attached and wrapped up in the physical, material world and our mental chatter. Doing this, weakens our overall energy flow and in turn weakens every aspect of ourself. We feel tired, lethargic, unmotivated, uninspired, sad, depressed, as well as stressed and full of anxiety like we mentioned before. We don’t flow and life doesn’t flow. It often actually feels quite the opposite!

So what’s the solution?

Learn to ground into your body. Connect to your body. Feel into your body. Embody your body.¬†Create a space within your body to allow what’s suppressed or blocked to show up, to move, to be released and ultimately be set free. This is not something you do with your head. Leave your head firmly where it’s at. Leave all judgement, criticism and analysing aside and just allow, witness, observe. Say nothing, just feel.

Grounding techniques include literally going outside, placing your bare feet on the grass or wet sand and feel the connection with Mother Earth. Other ways include intuitive movement, ecstatic dance, yoga (especially yin or kundalini), breathwork, meditation, shaking, rebounding, singing mantras – there are any number of ways to ground into your body. It can even be as simple as placing your hands on your heart (I invite you to do this now!), take a few deep conscious breaths, imagine divine white light pouring in from above your crown chakra (top of your head) and filling every cell in your body. Become aware of the sensations in your body while doing this. Your cells may jump for joy! Repeat on demand.

When you do this, you are getting a respite from the busyness of the thinking mind, and moving into the peacefulness of your body. It may not feel peaceful at first, but the serenity comes with practice because the body is also the seat of our soul! And this is the magic of moving into our body! It comes full circle because when you are grounded into your body, you can connect to your soul (or your truth, inner knowing, intuition) and that connects you back to Source, to the universal life force energy that is always available to us. Doing this regularly, you can replenish yourself and get back into flow!

This is the importance of grounding into your body, and this is why our body is hyper-intelligent. It gives us so many clues, nudges, whispers and warning signs to alert us of imbalances, long before major shit shows up. But more often than not, we choose to ignore them and wonder why we got a ‘dud’ body!

Learn to connect, listen to and respect your body. It can help shift you into that place where the quote, ‘Be in the world, but not of the world’ rings true.

It’s all available to us, but the power is in our hands (or our body!).


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