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#023 – Change Starts with Awareness

By 18/07/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments

“The quality of our life depends on the quality of our questions”.

This week I’m sharing some tips on how to being to build an awareness practice for yourself.

Awareness is key when it comes to making change in our lives. Like Google Maps, if we don’t know our exact starting location, it’s impossible for us to get to our destination.

This is a short episode on the benefits of taking a few moments each day to ‘check-in’ with ourselves and ask ourselves some self-inquiry questions.
With daily, consistent action, we can begin to gain more perspective on what serves us and what doesn’t serve us.

We need to get real with ourselves and recognise how we could be blocking ourselves with our low-vibe thoughts. With consistent practice, we begin to see that thinking these low vibes thoughts only really keeps us stuck and causes us more hurt in the long run! With awareness, we can learn to install more empowering programs!

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