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#024 – The Power of Forgiveness

By 25/07/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is all about the power of forgiveness.

It can be a difficult aspect for us to grasp but it is vital for our own wellbeing. To forgive is to ‘let go’ of the burdens of resentment, anger, rage, frustration for our own benefit, so these toxic energies don’t cause dis-ease and illness in our body, it’s not about letting the other person ‘off the hook’.

Forgiveness is an energy from the heart chakra, it has to come from our heart space, connecting to the divine, our soul, source, higher self, one consciousness, God…or whatever word resonates with you. It cannot come from the ‘thinking’ mind.

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The Buddhist Prayer of Forgiveness
If I have harmed any one in any way, 
either knowingly or unknowingly 
through my own confusions, 
I ask their forgiveness. 

If anyone has harmed me in any way,
either knowingly or unknowingly 
through their own confusions, 
I forgive them.

And if there is a situation 
I am not yet ready to forgive,
I forgive myself for that. 

For all the ways that I harm myself, 
negate, doubt, belittle myself, 
judge or be unkind to myself, 
through my own confusions, 
I forgive myself. Amen.


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