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#081 – InPowered Consent & Pleasure as a Practice with Christina McCabe

Christina McCabe

Christina McCabe is my guest this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast.

Christina is a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™,  an InPowered Voice Coach, a Consent Culture Creator & an artist. She is also a Certified Human Potential Coach with 30 years experience in the Psychic arts. She has taught dance, led community, facilitated events, and empowered others with her voice and presence. She is also a mother, a grandmother & friend.

Christina’s passion is InPowered Consent and Expanded Erotic Expression with a focus on living every day with Orgasmic Consciousness. Christina helps others create pleasure as a practice, a purpose, a healing modality, and a higher spiritual calling. She utilizes  the erotic blueprints to help others connect to their unique and gorgeously individual erotic selves.

Sign up now for Christina’s first online course called ‘SPEAK‘ which she has created specifically to help people to tap into their personal and authentic voice, and learn to speak effectively in order to be truly heard and understood.


Don’t shy away from the title of this podcast or at the mention of the word ‘erotic’, this is a conversation full of lots of insightful information and practical tips and advice.

I loved chatting with Christina who shared more about her work, and also explained the 5 different Erotic Blueprints, and how people can connect more to their own individual blueprint, not just in the bedroom, but through our every day experiences also.

Christina talks about the importance of consent and honest expression when meeting our needs and desires. Other topics we touched on include;

  • Empowered state of awareness & what that means
  • Pleasure as a practice & how it supports our nervous system
  • The 5 Erotic Blueprints – both their superpower & shadow side
  • Ownership and agency of self
  • Creating a safe container
  • Rejection and shame
  • And much more

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