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Infuriated & Inspirited At the Same Time!


I don’t watch TV or Netflix or do marathon binges. I haven’t for years. It was one of the things I dropped when I wanted to use my time more consciously. But at the time, I was telling myself the old story of ‘I don’t have any time’; so I started looking at what I was doing with my life and saw loads of pockets where I was mindlessly wasting my time (hence that story is the greatest excuse of all time. Time has not changed. Yes we all have responsibilities, but what has changed is the shitload more distractions now that we mindlessly give our time to!).

Anyway I digress.

This weekend I went on a ‘binge’. I watched two documentaries, one evening after another. Both were absolutely infuriating, depressing, enlightening and inspiring. I use the word infuriating because they showed clearly the mess we have gotten ourselves into. How we have mindlessly plundered and destroyed the Earth and created technology to know us better than ourselves, and we keep handing our power over. I also felt overwhelmed because when you’re awake in a world that’s half asleep, it seems like an impossible challenge of how we can ever shift and change.

But I am the eternal optimist and I know the way change happens is not to fight what has been but to create something new. As a friend of mine said years ago, ‘she’s going with the new Earth’, and so am I. Where we put our attention, is where our energy goes. So I’m keeping my attention with the millions of other light workers in the world, and bringing in something new.

People get confused by this statement and think that means ‘burying your head in the sand’ and being all ‘love and light’ and ‘positive’ and thinking that change will magically happen; spiritually by-passing the actual work that needs to be done. Because let me tell you, there is lots of work to be done, and it comes down to us as a collective, individually stepping up and taking responsibility. No one can afford to bury their head in the sand. They only way to transmute darkness is to face it head on and bring it to the light. We transcend it, expand beyond it, grow and evolve. Hence the massive global shake up we are going through. We have to see all the shit we’ve buried for so long. People think things are getting worse. They’re not. Things are getting seen and cleaned up, but it’s not instant. We only getting started on the journey. But that is where the love and positivity comes in. I believe in humanity. I believe in the divine timing of the Universe and I keep my faith firmly in the light, knowing the work it’ll take. And overwhelming as the task seems, and questioning what difference I can make on my own, I know the importance of sticking to my work and doing my piece, no matter how hopeless it may appear at times. Each of us needs to do the same.

So what do we need to do?

Well firstly, wake up. I mean consciously come out of the deep, numb, distraction-filled slumber we are in, and start taking ownership of your life. Become aware of what you are doing, what you are thinking, what you believe, why you believe these, where did they come from, who told you so. Tune into how you are feeling, what you are consuming (mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually), what lifestyle have you created, do you constantly read into fear and manipulation, how you are starting your day, how is your energy, what nudges you are getting, what is your soul saying to you, have you lost the ability to discern for yourself, what are the stories you are telling yourself. Get curious about something beyond your physical world, your higher self, a higher intelligence, allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, follow your spirit, nurture your spirit, see how you can fill up your existential tank. Turn inwards and face your own internal shadows, judgements, triggers, opinions, comparisons, conditioning, limiting beliefs and observe them, question them (without judgement), change and throw out anything that no longer applies and embrace the rest. Allow yourself to sit with others and move beyond your comfort zone. Expose yourself to other opinions, realities, ways of being and sit with any uncomfortableness with an openness and curiosity, without feeling the need to attach or hold firmly to your own sense of self-righteousness. Observe what you are doing with your life, how are you spending your time, how are you spending your money (global mass produced items or more locally sustainable fare), notice how you distract and numb yourself from feeling the feels of life, do you care for yourself in a loving and supportive way, or do you destroy yourself, does your way of living light you up or drag you down, how does your energy impact others, is it uplifting or draining, do you separate, compete and fear others, and also of hyper importance, are you connected or disconnected from nature? This is all our responsibility. And let me tell you, it is a responsibility. A huge one! It is much easier to blame, complain, point the finger, distract or numb out, or wait for someone or something else to change, but those tactics are what have gotten us to where we are…so I do suggest trying something new :-).

It’s time. We all need to step up. It’s time to take the BS filters off and consciously look at our lives. It’s time we reconnect to ourselves, to our soul, to each other and to nature. We are all nature. We are all souls/spirits connected to a body. We are all connected. We are all one.

As I mentioned, these two documentaries stirred me so much. I’ve been stirred before but now it’s a new level. I mean we’ve been absolute gobshites to get ourselves to this point, but I choose not to sit in the shit of it, but rise and consciously choose something better, moment to moment. I will trip up. I’m not perfect but I’ve learnt that when we’re awake, we can always get back on track. I’ve also learnt that there is always a divine perfect order to the Universe, no matter how it appears so I choose to lean into that and do what’s necessary.

Literally everyone needs to see these and then take steps in their own lives. If we don’t all do this, we are in the next great extinction, and this time we will be the species we are wiping out. But as mentioned, I’m putting my energy towards the light and keeping the faith in myself, humankind, and Mother Earth, that we can do this. I know we can. We’re in a pivotal time in history and it’s down to each of us how this turns out. Time is ticking.

Wake up!

Watch these documentaries on Netflix. Yes there is still some sensationalism (there has to be so we get a dopamine hit & stay engaged!), but I am so eternally grateful and humbled by the pioneers and game-changers who have been, and continue to do this work against the odds.


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