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#126 – Working with your Dreams with Cordell Jacks

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My guest this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Cordell Jacks.

Cordell is a Dream Coach, sharing his life-long passion of studying the psychology, science, and global lineage practices of ‘Dream Work’. He believes that our dreams are one of our greatest and most over-looked assets as a civilisation, and can teach and shape our paths more profoundly than any system of knowledge or waking experience can.Cordell teaches people how to access, recall, and work with their dreams, transforming the ‘two most important hours of your day’ (those spent in dream), into a powerful medium for personal growth, healing, and self-discovery.

Cordell works with individuals and organisations, offering courses, workshops, private coaching, and dream interpretation sessions.

Cordell has been practicing Dream Work for over 20 years, and has studied under a multitude of teachers. He is a globally recognised social innovation entrepreneur, and is living the dream as husband and father to a beautiful two year old daughter, on Vancouver Island.


I loved this conversation with Cordell who is really passionate about his work. After an accident left him unable to run, he started working in his dream state to feel the sensation of running. From this experience, he learnt many more benefits to working with his dreams including healing, inspiration, creativity and much more.

In this episode, Cordell talks about:

  • The benefits of working with your dreams
  • How our dream state differs to creative visualisation
  • How we can learn to recall our dreams
  • The different dream states
  • Where we go when we dream
  • And much more

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