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#125 – Choosing Your Focus with Taylor Rochestie

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast Taylor Rochestie is my guest.

Taylor is a professional basketball player and the best-selling author of A New 20/20 Vision: Cultivate Joy, Reprogram Your Mind, and Define Life Through an Authentic Lens, who shares a unique perspective of the uncertainty of tomorrow, and an active vision for the future.

As a professional athlete who has traveled the world playing basketball, Taylor’s message is a humble road map to design a new reality, reprogram your thoughts, and to define life through authenticity. He uses his own underdog role and humble approach to meet people where they are at, and to embolden others to strive for more and commandeer every opportunity.


This was a great conversation with Taylor who shares so many different perspectives from his life as a basketball player, travelling so much, and being a Dad. The inspiration for his book, was his unborn daughter at the time.

In this episode, Taylor talks about:

  • One of the most important things he learnt from travelling
  • Daily applications
  • The underdog mentality & why he always wants to be the underdog
  • What he calls ‘soul communication’
  • The importance of presence
  • Perspective as an educator
  • Knowing your why
  • Why he wants to play the ‘game of life’
  • What’s at the foundation of everything for him
  • And much more

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