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#019 – Confidence, Overwhelm and Common Sense with Donna Kennedy

By 20/06/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I’m chatting to Donna Kennedy, who is a 5 times best-selling author (including titles such as The Confidence to Succeed and WeSummit Together), psychologist, business and life coach, founder of the Women’s Empowerment Summit and a highly sought after professional speaker.

Donna regularly features in national and international media as an expert in the areas of personal and business development and she has given seminars to thousands of people and companies worldwide. Her work has also been recognised and cited in international journals by leading organisations and faculties.

Donna experienced several challenges in her early years but overcame those challenges against all odds. At one point in her life her confidence was so low that she was afraid to walk across the street on her own. Now she is a confident woman who says yes to life and embraces opportunity.


In this conversation, Donna shares about a traumatic event that happened her when she was seven years old, and how that manifested into a debilitating eating disorder that almost cost her her life.

Donna has lots of ‘real-life’ experience and knowledge to share on how to bounce back from the edge and learn to embrace life. There is no magic pill, it was a step by step process that anyone can do once they make the decision to do so.

We covered lots of topics in this chat. There is something for everyone. We have so much power to influence our lives and our perception is everything when it comes to events that happen in our lives; we can Take it, Leave it or Change it (TLC!).

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