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#018 – ‘Change is Possible’ – Life After 15 Years of Heroin Addiction with Brian Pennie

By 13/06/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments

Joining me on this week’s episode of the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Brian Pennie.

Brian shares his story of transformation and the steps he took to turn his life around from being a chronic heroin addict for 15 years, to a speaker, writer, PhD student, development coach and lecturer in both Trinity College and UCD, Dublin.

“When I dropped my story, my life changed”.

Change is possible for anyone but it takes work to face the underlying fears and the story we tell ourselves in order for this to happen. Brian realised he had fought his whole life to keep his story alive (unconsciously) until he finally surrendered. There is something for everyone in this podcast as we’re all guilty of holding onto stories or fears in one way or another!

A fascinating conversation and very inspiring one. Brian talks about how he reconnected to his soul and he shares lots of practices that helped him along the way, including his daily morning self-care discipline that takes him 20 minutes.

Check out Brian’s website also where you can access his FREE program ‘9 Strategies to Change Your Life’.

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