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#014 – Synchronicity & Girl Power with GirlCrew Founder Elva Carri

By 16/05/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments

This week I’m joined by Elva Carri, founder of GirlCrew, a social networking app for women that focuses on meeting up, in groups, offline, for fun, adventures, food, travel, and making new professional contacts.

Elva started GirlCrew in 2014 when she found herself with no friends available to go on a night out with her. The community has been growing steadily ever since, and launched their own app in 2017.

Elva’s background is in digital marketing, and fine art, having graduated with a BA in Sculpture & Combined Media.


Elva shares the story of how a mad idea to create a fake tinder profile in order to connect with other women looking to go out, inspired the start of GirlCrew.

The synchronicity didn’t seem to stop there when she goes on to explain how she met her fellow co-founders Pamela Newenham & Aine Mulloy & how they secured their first bit of funding!

A great story and confirmation that it’s worth following those ‘mad’ ideas!

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Download the GirlCrew App or follow them online: (since ceased!)

**Photo credit – Peter Varga

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