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#123 – Blossom in your Sacred Sensuality with Gina Toms

Gina pod

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Gina Toms is my guest.

Gina is a Love, Sex, and Pleasure Coach who teaches women how to awaken their natural sensuality in order to live more radiant, pleasure filled, and joyful lives.

She believes that pleasure can be a pathway to presence and deeper spiritual awakening, and she is especially passionate about the power of conscious self-pleasure to transform and heal from the inside out.

Gina works with women in 1-1 coaching sessions. Her mission is to remove the stigma associated with self-pleasure and create a world where it is encouraged and celebrated instead of shrouded in shame!


This was a brilliant conversation with Gina who I know. We met in Colombia while we were both travelling South America in 2017. I loved connecting with her again to hear about her adventures & what led her to the work that she’s doing now.

In this conversation Gina talks about how after the ending of a dysfunctional relationship, she went on a healing and self-love journey. Although she began to feel really good, she noticed that she was still really blocked when it came to relationships and sexuality.

On her travels, she found herself connecting with a spiritual community in México. She started learning about Tantra, but as she was single at the time, she felt a lot of it wasn’t applicable. It wasn’t until she discovered self-pleasure, that she really started to blossom in a new way.

In this episode she talks about:

  • Tantra
  • Self-pleasure as a route to the divine
  • The miseducation around sexuality
  • How pleasure can come in all forms in daily life
  • Permission to put your desires first
  • What sacred union means
  • And much more

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