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#122 – Put Yourself on the Pedestal with Karen Maloney

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This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I am sharing with you the importance of choosing yourself, knowing your true value and worth from the inside, and shifting from living in fear to faith.

The truth is when we are disconnected from the core of who we are, when we avoid going within to look at our unhealed aspects of ourselves (in the subconscious), and when we are unwilling to be responsible for ourselves & our wellbeing, we can attract all sorts of unpleasant situations. In this episode I share another layer of an experience that happened for me that perfectly highlights these.

We are the only ones who are responsible for our lives, but that responsibility comes with a level of self-worth that most of us are not used to. It’s time to put yourself on your own pedestal (and not anyone or anything else outside of you).

This episode talks more about relationships and is directed towards whoever embodies the feminine energy in the relationship, but also remember, doing the inner work impacts all aspects of our lives.

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