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When You Say ‘I Can’t’.

By 13/12/2019January 21st, 2020No Comments
When You Say I Can't

I can’t are two words we seem to use a lot!

We use it mindlessly, often without even knowing if we can or can’t do whatever it is in the first place. It’s our comfort blanket, our ‘get out of jail card’, self-defeating, protective shield before we even try.

A better way of understanding ‘I can’t’ is perhaps translating it as ‘I don’t’ or ‘I won’t’.

Next time you find yourself saying ‘I can’t’, see can you replace it with either of these and find a deeper truth. If either (or both) of these could be true for you, go deeper again and ask why. Why don’t you or why won’t you? Keep exploring to see what’s the underlying fear that’s holding you back. What are the thoughts you are telling yourself?

It’s really interesting work when we call ourselves on our own bullshit! Because the reality is, we can do anything we set our minds too! The only limits are the limits we put on ourselves.

Release your limited thinking and expectations, and you will be blown away by all that you can do. You may not do it exactly like someone else, and you may not do it how someone else expects it to be done, and hell, you may not even do it how you expect it to be done…but guess what…you’re not meant to. You do it how you do it, and that’s enough.┬áIf someone else has a problem with that, well that’s their problem. And if you wish to work at it to improve, that’s also possible.

Become aware when you say ‘I can’t’ and explore it!

Turn it into an ‘I can’.

We can all do things to the best of our own ability, whatever that may be for us!


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