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#051 – Unravelling to Embody Our Inner Truth with Mara Elaine

By 27/02/2020June 9th, 2020No Comments
Mara Elaine

This week I’m joined on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast by Mara Elaine of Celtic Heart Healing.

Mara Elaine is an Irish born Intuitive Holistic Life Consultant, Sound Healer, Earth Wisdom Guide & Soul Retreat Facilitator with over 10 years+ experience of working with the alchemy of heart & soul wisdom through energetic healing facilitation with both individual and groups in Ireland and Internationally.

She is passionate about healing through heart connection with nature and embodied experiences that help bring balance to mind/body & spirit in this increasingly disconnected time in human life through mass technology dependence. She currently facilitates soul connection journey’s and retreats on the land in Ireland, along with the heart ally of ceremonial Cacao and the elemental allies.

She has deep roots with ancient earth elemental wisdom which has instigated the calling to travel and live in powerful earth vortex spots around the world. She has done so with conscious intention since 2009, walking the land along key ley lines and at sacred sites to assist in the soul remembrance of our true collective origins.

Learning directly from the elemental energies, as well as those of cosmic star origin, she has co-created ceremony and rituals of heart intention for a united, thriving and peaceful world at the sacred places of power she has walked upon, such as: Ireland; Sedona, Arizona; Hopi-land; New Mexico; Kauai, Hawaii; Peru; Orcas Island; Malta and more.

“We have to be lit up from within in order to be fully here”.


During this flowing conversation, Mara shares her journey of allowing herself to unravel and how reconnecting back to nature helped heal her. We touch on lots of different topics including remembering who we are, cycles of life, integrating our lessons, connecting to nature, the power of Irish land, remembering the feminine energy and much more!

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