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#052 – Galactic Shamanism & Living from the Heart with Jun Jun Magnificent

By 05/03/2020June 9th, 2020No Comments
Jun Jun

This week’s guest on the Curiosity & Conscious podcast is Jun Jun Magnificent.

Jun awakened to his mission and role as a galactic shaman in early 2013. He connected with his higher self and star family for the first time which began his intensive training and integration with the Galactics.

Jun serves as a quantum healer, oracle, medium, light language channel, alchemist, and artist. He has the unique ability of transmutation having the gift to clear any distortion he focuses on within the DNA & quantum field.

Jun’s intention is to assist humanity in realigning with our Original Divine Blueprint by facilitating the process of soul embodiment. Additionally he offers powerful energy healing Tools he termed “Harmonic Star Resonator” to aid the journey of planetary and self-ascension.


A fantastic conversation with Jun (and one which many people may relate to), as before his awakening, Jun was very closed off to anything spiritual and had a lot of judgements around it. But through his own curiosity and an Ayahuasca experience, everything changed for him and he went from living a linear, to a more non-linear life (from 3D to 5D).

This journey taught him a lot about acceptance, learning to let go, refining his energy and living from the heart frequency. He also shares a powerful message on the biggest awareness & understanding he has come to know so far on his journey!

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