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#010 – The Power of Mindfulness with Anna O’Dixon

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Anna is a Teacher of Meditation, Mindfulness & Art. She is also an Artist, Author, Acupuncturist & Quantum Bio-Feedback Practitioner. Married with two teenage children, she joins her husband (Psychotherapist /Farmer) on their Organic Farm for other activities like Tuesday’s Social Farming day (SoFI). Anna likes gardening and helps out with some of the animal care on other days when she is not studying, teaching or painting. 

Anna works privately from her office and studio in the Claremorris Natural Therapy Centre at Ahena Organic Farm near Claremorris, Co. Mayo.

Dedicated to life long learning, Anna has been steadily pursuing a distance-learning, post-graduate Doctorate /PhD programme in Natural and Integrative Medicine with The International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) since 2016. She hopes to have completed her dissertation and graduate by the end of 2020.                                                                                                                           

Anna is a professional member of the Acupuncture /Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland, ACI/TCMCI for more than 20 years; a professional member of Visual Artists Ireland, VAI; a Fine Art Graduate of CCAM, GMIT, Galway; and is fully registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland & works in adult education, part-time, with Mayo Educational Training Board, MSLETB. Subjects: Art and Meditation /Mindfulness.

Anna has recently self-published her first book: ‘Mindfulness in the Raja Sutras’, A simple guide to understanding the mind during meditation practice. It is available to order on Amazon in printed form, and very soon on kindle. She has taken the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and applied the view-point of a mindfulness instructor and westerner in her interpretations. Anna has admired and studied these essential yoga philosophies for over forty years. The book is aptly illustrated with her own visual work throughout. Also included, are some breath-taking colourful photographs which capture the essence of the many pilgrimages she ventured into the Himalayas of Northern India.


A really enjoyable conversation with Anna where we spoke about many different topics including – what consciousness means for her; the power of mindfulness and realising ‘we are not our mind’; as well as learning about some of the key philosophies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and why free flowing energy through the body/mind is pivotal for good health and harmony within the body.

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