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#161 – Environmental Toxins & Your Health with Nika Lawrie

Nika Lawrie Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Nika Lawrie joins me.

Nika BA, CFNC, CHC is the founder and CEO of Moringa Health + Wellness, LLC a multimedia and lifestyle company that marries functional nutrition with non-toxic and eco-friendly living across a whole host of media and merchandising products…making clean and green living luxurious, joyful, and easy.

Using her skills as a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and growing up off the grid, Nika has become a leading Functional Nutrition Counselor specializing in Environmental Health & she is on a personal mission to heal both people and the planet!


This was a very informative & insightful conversation with Nika. I’ll admit as well, it seems ‘scary’ & a lot to take in, but that’s not the intention either. The better informed we are, the more conscious purchases we can make down the line.

In this episode, Nika talks about:

  • The issue with long-term chronic exposure to toxins
  • How our body deals with toxins ‘safely’
  • Why the onus is on the consumer & the important role we play
  • Solutions to better support ourselves
  • Some of the ‘more dangerous’ chemicals to look out for
  • The issue with mould
  • Helpful app’s to make the process easier
  • And much more

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