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#160 – Knowing Your Subconscious Mind with Nis Aslan

Nis Aslan podcast

This week my guest on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Nis Aslan.

Nis is a mindset coach who focuses on healing past emotional trauma and reprogramming the subconscious mind in order to achieve a better quality of life and gain the skills to consciously create your desired life experience.

After years of studying the more esoteric and spiritual aspects of life and trying to find ways to utilise that knowledge to truly improve and change everyday life, without any great success – she accidentally discovered the connection of her own subconscious mind, unconscious patterns and the role that her conscious decisions are playing.

Nis has become an expert in seeing the connections between mental activity (thought processes) and the resulting experiences that her clients have. She explains the process of changing oneself based on biology and patterns of our brain, and teaches methods on how to truly heal the past and develop new thinking habits.

Acceptance, a change in self-concept, and methods to practice emotional regulation are the key elements of her coaching and the information she shares on her YouTube channel “5minsubs“.

‘When you realise that everything and every person you have ever experienced is a total match to who you are, with all your past memories, insecurities, opinions, preferences, traumas and wounds, you can never be mad at any other person or circumstance in your life. It’s truly empowering to take accountability for everything that happens within and outside you and knowing that you can easily change that’.


In this conversation, Nis talks about:

  • Her personal growth journey
  • The subconscious mind
  • The panic attack that led her to observe her subconscious mind
  • Inner conflict
  • The power of faith, trust & belief
  • How our inner child is clouded by emotional reactions
  • The power of observing ourselves, our life & our 3D world
  • Why it’s normal to feel discomfort
  • And much more

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