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#058 – Self-Awareness & Conscious Relationships with Patrice McCauley

Patrice McCauley

Joining me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Patrice McCauley of Conscious Living Labs.

Patrice is a certified Health and Life coach, Energetic Healing therapist and Empath who has developed a whole-hearted approach to creating a life of purpose that brings her joy. She has intuitively navigated her way, step by step, from successful but burned out, single, miserable Corporate Marketer to marrying the love of her life who she met in Hawaii and now lives her ideal lifestyle with her family in rural Portugal.

Patrice loves adventure, travel, learning and most of all, people! She’s passionate about reconnecting people with their hearts through laughter, fun and play and is on a mission to help people design and live a life that they truly love. She currently works with ambitious professionals and helps them to create truly meaningful success so they can show up every day with energy and passion.

“You are winning the game you are playing. So what is the game that you are playing?”. 


This episode is loaded with lots of great practical advice that I think a lot of people can relate to. Patrice shares her story of being at the ‘pinnacle of her career’, but being more stressed out and anxious than ever before. From there she faced burn out & through divine intervention, everything changed!

Patrice developed self-awareness, took responsibility and started designing the life she wanted, now she helps others do the same. Patrice also manifested her husband and she shares her wisdom on conscious relationships.

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