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#099 – Is Reality an Illusion? with Solveig Barrios

Solveig pod 2

On the podcast this week, joining me for the second time (and on the second year anniversary of the podcast!), is Solveig Barrios of The Mayan Wisdom Project.

Solveig comes from a family line of spiritual leaders and is the founder of The Mayan Wisdom Project. Daughter of the renowned Maya Elder Carlos Barrios, Solveig began to learn about the Maya Geo-Cosmovision at a very early age.

She is currently on the path to becoming an Ajq’ij (Mayan spiritual leader) herself, and with the guidance that was left to her by her dad and her family, Solveig’s knowledge of the Maya wisdom is vast. She started her journey as a child, and ever since she has had the opportunity to travel, share and learn from different spiritual leaders from all over Guatemala.


Another brilliant conversation with Solveig, I don’t know what it is when I talk to her & learn more about Mayan’s, it just lights up every cell in my body! (Who knows…maybe I was a Mayan Elder in a past life!?ha).

In this conversation we go deep into the idea that reality is an illusion, and Solveig shares from the Mayan perspective, how this is so. She talks about the 4 Ray’s of Creation, what each of them are, and why they are important. She shares information that the Mayan’s had thousands of years ago (that quantum physics is now confirming), the interconnectedness of everything, how we can gain control over our own personal ‘reality’, and what must happen in order to create change!

During the conversation Solveig also talks about how the Mayan’s can read a person’s energy chart (based off their date/time of birth) and just how comprehensive it is. Since we recorded this episode, I actually got my chart read by Solveig, and all I can say is WOW! If you’re curious, definitely do it. It is so insightful. I was mind-blown, and it was just a general reading! You can contact her via the website if you want more info.

This is a super fascinating conversation. There is so much in this episode that I find it really difficult to explain in words. The conversation elevates & there are some super powerful messages towards the end. Just get comfy and tune in!

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