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#098 – Pain into Power – Life After an Abusive Relationship with Sandy Johnston

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, my guest is Sandy Johnston. Sandy is the founder and host of the Tiaras, Tears and Triumphs Podcast and the founder of Sandy J Abundance Life Coaching.

As a certified Life Coach as well as a survivor of an abusive relationship, she has turned her pain into her power. Being a writer and a speaker, she uses her voice to speak up and speak out about the issue of domestic abuse. She now helps women who have been hurt by abuse, to heal and grow, and become empowered to ultimately regain control over their lives.

Her aim is to help women rise to their true value by rebuilding their self-esteem and helping them remove their limiting beliefs to release them from their past, so they can go on to unlock their potential and thrive.


This is a really important and powerful conversation with Sandy who was in an abusive relationship for a decade that impacted greatly on her life and her children’s lives. The breaking point came when her ex had attempted to blow up the family home, with herself and the children inside. From this moment Sandy knew they had to leave their family, friends and community and move to a new location, with a new identity.

Sandy shares so much in this conversation, sharing first hand of what it is like for a person in this situation, and how easy a situation like this can happen (even for a seemingly intelligent person, as she says herself). She talks about;

  • Abuse statistics
  • Red flags
  • ‘Rose-tinted’ glasses – out of the frying pan and into the fire
  • The narcissist / empath / enabler relationship
  • The importance of healthy boundaries and honouring yourself
  • Failures of the justice system for victims
  • How family, friends and loved ones can support a person in an abusive relationship
  • The healing journey
  • And so much more

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