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#097 – Knowing Your Numbers with Novalee Wilder

Novalee Podcast

My guest this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Novalee Wilder.

Novalee is a Danish actress and artist turned professional numerologist and writer living in Los Angeles. She has explored personal growth techniques and the keys to illuminating the human condition through all her work. The life-altering experience of changing her name with the help of numerology led to the study of this ancient esoteric tool.

Novalee is the author of A Little Bit of Numerology, host of The Numerology Podcast, and founder of The Numerology School. She also has a Free E-Book on her website called, ‘The 9 Base Numbers’ where you can learn more about the traits of the 9 base numbers which she touches on in this episode.


It was so interesting to learn more on numerology from Novalee. She calls it the oldest spiritual science because even astrology couldn’t exist without numbers! She shares information on the ‘9 base numbers’, and this is relatable to us all as we all fit into one of these base numbers. Having a sense of them could really support us in knowing ourselves better, and also help us in our relationships with others.

Novalee also shares about name vibrations and the power that a name change could bring for a person (like it brought her). She talks about how name vibrations are like a filter on the person – each letter has a number & karma attached to it & sometimes this really doesn’t support the person. She mentions some reasons why a person would change their name & also why she changed her name & the difference it made in her life.

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