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#096 – Connecting to the Stillness Within with Karen Maloney

Temazcal Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness, I share a powerful experience from a ‘temazcal’.

A ‘temazcal’ is a pre-hispanic, indigenous type of sweat lodge or sauna native to México & Central America.

This is an ancient tradition and ceremony that was used as a cleansing and restorative balancing of mind, body and soul. The ceremony lasts about 3 hours and it’s done in deep reverence to Mother Earth, the fire spirits & elementals. There are four ‘doors’ to the ceremony, four different sections where they work with different spirits, ancestors and elementals. During each section, there is a small respite where they open the door to allow in some fresh air. Nobody leaves during the ceremony though.

On the morning before the ceremony starts, they create a fire & heat volcanic rocks which are then brought inside the ‘hut’ (which is like an igloo that you can’t stand up in). Then they pour water over hot rocks which creates a steam, the hut is in total darkness & they use herbs & medicines as well on the rocks which also creates beautiful aromas. And it gets HOT!

At times, it felt absolutely torturous. There was a time during the third section when it got so hot that I actually felt that if I ripped my skin off, it would be less painful. But during this section, I also had a profound experience which led me to complete surrender. I was no longer consumed by the intensity, the heat, the pain, the discomfort etc & I could BE with it all. This was so powerful because I realised we all have the power to make this shift, no matter what we are facing, and it all comes down to our thoughts!

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