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#095 – Grief as a Teacher with Victoria Volk

Victoria Volk Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Victoria Volk of The Unleashed Heart joins me.

Being a 30+ year griever, Victoria Volk has navigated loss the majority of her life. She’s found her purpose in her pain, and today helps other grievers move beyond loss as an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist both in-person and online.

She’s also a Reiki Master, Self-Published Author, and hosts her own podcast, Grieving Voices, which is available on all platforms. When she’s not working her day job in crop insurance, or side-hustling in her business, The Unleashed Heart, you can find her enjoying quiet living with her husband, 3 kids, and one pooch in rural ND.


What a great conversation to have with Victoria who shares more about her journey & her work. Victoria experienced a lot of grief in her life, having lost her Dad aged 8. She learnt that grief was something that you deal with alone and in isolation as there wasn’t a lot of conversation around it in her home. This led to the creation of a deeply embedded belief and also emotional disconnection from her Mom.

Victoria explains how grief doesn’t just pertain to death but describes it as a ‘loss of hopes, dreams and expectations’, or ‘anything that we wish would have been different, better or more’, hence this is a really important conversation for the times we are going through as everyone is experiencing loss of some kind.

Part of Victoria’s mission with her work is that grief is normal and natural, but talks about what’s not normal or natural is how we let it derail the entire rest of our lives.

In this episode Victoria shares lots of information, tools and questions that can support others through their grieving process. She also mentioned a book called, ‘When Children Grieve’ for anyone who may have children who are going through loss.

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