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#032 – Creating a High Vibrational Relationship with Ourselves & our Ancestors with Janine Schuller

By 26/09/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments
Soul Power Light Karen Maloney

Janine Schuller joins me this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast.

Janine is a Sangoma (an African Shaman) and she was initiated by her Zulu Tribe back in her home in South Africa. She acts as a bridge between her clients and their Ancestors: to deliver messages, healings and provide a Tribe for their support.

Janine is a believer that everybody is born with intuition and certifies healers to spread the word and help others. Her added passion is teaching clients how to understand their own unique energy and how to create a healthy relationship with their Ancestors (Guides) and themselves to flow courageously in life. Janine works under the name Gentle Warrior.


This was a great and wide ranging conversation with Janine. She explains how she ignored her ‘calling’ and her true path for a number of years which led her to becoming very ill. Finally she decided to use the last of her savings, trust her calling and return to her home country of South Africa to be initiated by her tribe.

Janine explains how we can begin to build a relationship with our Ancestors and she shares a simple but effective technique to help us to connect with them. She also explains the importance of having a relationship with ourselves and living a high vibrational life (through everything we do!).

This was a wide ranging conversation but ultimately Janine loves to help people to live a more courageous and intuitive life; helping them to face their fears and build a relationship with themselves and their Ancestors. Janine shares lots of tools and techniques during this conversation to start doing just that!

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