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#031 – From Vast Trauma to Profound Healing with Danielle Hahn

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“They took so many years of my life, I decided that if I wallow in this and feel sorry for myself, I might as well have stayed at their house. I made the decision that I’m so determined and committed that I don’t care what’s happened to me in the past, so many other people have risen from even worse situations than me, then I’m going to do it too. I chose to not just accept the status quo”.

On this week’s episode of the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I’m chatting with Danielle Hahn who is an empowerment and self-love coach for women and the founder of Warrior Women Life.

Danielle has experienced vast trauma in her life and also profound healing and she has made it her life’s mission to share that healing to the world. Danielle wants every woman to know, you don’t have to live as a victim any longer. You CAN take your life back, and stand in your power today. 


Danielle’s story is beyond belief, which also makes her recovery even more inspiring and empowering. Danielle grew up in a very strict, extremely conservative Christian family system. She was very much raised under a fear based mindset. Church was a huge part of her upbringing but feeling like her family ‘stuck out’ in a new church they had joined, Danielle decided to join another church that a friend had suggested to her. From there, the Pastors of this church played on her vulnerability and manipulated her very slowly and had her completely brainwashed in their religious cult and exposed her to all sorts of abuse.

Eventually, almost 6 years later, Danielle finally escaped and since then she has completely turned her life around. Now she works in helping other women to take back control of their lives too, no matter what the circumstances.

Danielle is also working on a book that she will have coming out towards the end of 2019 called ‘Warrior Within’.

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