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#030 – Stop, Drop, Roll & Give Thanks Technique

By 12/09/2019June 10th, 2020No Comments

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, I share a simple technique to deal with emotions as they arise. I call it the Stop, Drop, Roll & Give Thanks technique.

It’s simple but we all know simple doesn’t mean easy because the hard part is remembering to do it!!

Our emotions are our own in-built feedback system. We need to pay attention to them and learn to tune into them and develop a relationship with them. When we allow and witness them (as opposed to fight and resist them) they pass, they ease off, they dissipate. That’s not to say they won’t arise again, but each time we work through them, their grip will lessen and lessen.

We’re all made up of energy, vibration and frequencies, as is the entire Universe. Our emotions are an indication of where we are vibrating and hence what we are attracting. Change your vibration, in order to attract something different. Its an internal job, a change in perception and a shift in consciousness.

The 4 steps are Stop, Drop, Roll and Give Thanks.

  • Stop – get quiet, down tools, take a few deep breaths.
  • Drop – into your body and feel the emotion (without judging, criticising, analysing), notice where it is in your body and how does it feel.
  • Roll – with the wave of the emotion – cry, scream, kick the pillow, jump. When we feel an emotion, our body is flooded with a rush of biochemicals. This wave lasts 90 seconds, so we need to roll with this intense period, then it will start to ease and we can move through it.
  • Give Thanks – it’s so important that we acknowledge and celebrate our little wins, so thank yourself for paying attention and allowing yourself to feel the emotion. Gratitude also changes our vibration and puts us in a state of receivership. It’s a superpower!

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