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#194 – Creating Holistic Leaders, Moving From Fear to Intuitive Flow with Shell Ryan

Shell Ryan Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Michelle (Shell) Ryan is my guest.

Michelle is a business founder, certified transformational coach and qualified yoga teacher. Having progressed to Director level in one of London’s most competitive sales industries, Michelle chose to follow her intuition and walked away from the big salary, the title, the-all-expenses paid holidays and the hustle and bustle to create a business that makes a positive difference.

In 2021, Michelle founded her business, The Holistic Leaders in the cross-section of what she is passionate about: business and wellness and where she feels she can make the greatest impact by working with conscious leaders, founders and entrepreneurs.

Taking a whole-person approach and combining both scientific and intuitive methods, Michelle’s clients achieve clarity, business and personal growth and a renewal of purpose through her coaching.

Her personal and business values are Human Connection, Energy, Purpose and Freedom. Through her work she authentically lives out every single one of these and this is experienced by her clients who range from partners in law firms, leaders at LinkedIn, creative entrepreneurs, and tech start-ups COOs.

She is passionate about travel, music, festivals, movement, self-development, books, fashion and holistic wellness. A little wilding at heart, she has already been to 50+ countries and now works with her clients on a 1:1 basis online and her backdrop can vary from the Irish countryside to Table Mountain in South Africa or a beach in Mexico.


In this episode Shell talks about:

  • Her life in the recruitment world in London
  • Being in a male dominated world & how that impacted her
  • How she was blissfully unaware of her patterns & conditioning
  • The breath work session that changed the trajectory of her life
  • Never asking for help & being the independent woman
  • Transitioning into coaching
  • Her passions that she brings to her work now
  • What it means to create holistic leaders & how she supports people with that
  • And much more

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