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#086 – Connect with Your Intuition with Vanessa Codorniu

Vanessa Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, my guest is Vanessa Codorniu, also known as the Biz Bruja.

Vanessa is known as a teacher of teachers and healer of healers, and she is an acclaimed international intuition teacher, clinical hypnotherapist and soul business mentor who has hosted more than 10,000 intuitive sessions in the US and Latin America in her 27 years of service.

As creator of the School of the Healing Artes and the The Mind Body Spirit Hypnosis Institute, Vanessa has integrated her 27 years as a clinical hypnotherapist, priestess, shamanic practitioner, astrologer and teacher of intuition, Reiki and the Akashic Records to create her signature transformative and enriching experience that yields practical tools and lasting inner shifts. The renowned Argentine-American started doing readings at 16 after her family confirmed that she was seeing and knowing things accurately about people who were no longer with them. She guides seekers to break through fears and connect to the practical power of their intuition so they can serve the world powerfully with their gifts.

Vanessa is also the host of the Biz Bruja Podcast since October 2019, Vanessa is a writer for The Examiner, Wild Woman Rising and a co-author of 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. Vanessa was on the board of REVEAL: The Next Generation of Women Spiritual Leaders Conference along with Meggan Watterson, Gabby Bernstein, Latham Thomas, Rha Goddess and others. She’s guided souls along other teachers including Marianne Williamson at Rock Your Voice Woman! Conference. Vanessa is proud of her work as an empowerment facilitator for over 400 future young women leaders at the Bella Abzug Young Women’s Leadership Institute, creating innovative courses to support self-empowerment, inclusivity and diversity. She has spoken and led workshops in NYC, Miami, LA, Costa Rica and Panama and online around the globe.

Since the start of shelter-in-place Vanessa has been dedicated to serving her bilingual (English and Spanish) global audience. She is hosting free Monday Night Healing Circles and has certified nearly 100 new reiki practitioners virtually (at a pay what you can price) since quarantine began, empowering therapists, first responders including nurses and EMT’s, moms and dads to have a therapeutic modality at their fingertips to support their family, friends and clients.


I loved this conversation with Vanessa where she talks about reclaiming the word ‘bruja’ (which means witch in Spanish) but encompasses so much more than that.

Vanessa shares lots in this episode of how best to connect with your intuition, how to get to know how you receive your messages, and learning to trust it versus being swayed by the collective unconscious or the collective opinion.

She also talks about ancestral trauma and healing the limiting beliefs that may be holding us back. She shares a simple way to do this, and also leaves us with some beautiful mantras to use in our daily lives and healing journey.

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