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Purpose and Legacy!

Purpose & Legacy Blog

I don’t know about you, but I feel the vibration of words and the energy they carry. I’m very attuned to my energy, and when I hear the word ‘purpose’, it bores the hell out of me.

For me it carries a vibration that feels heavy, cumbersome, stagnant and a bit exhausting if I’m honest. It sounds like a massive chore that frankly does not appeal to me whatsoever!

Everyone talks about ‘purpose’ and ‘finding your life purpose’, but again that sounds elusive and tiring to me. While I absolutely know that we all have a purpose (we don’t come to this plane without one), it’s not something we need to search for and try figure out, we have to allow it flourish. Either way, it still doesn’t sound appealing. It sounds a bit linear and authoritative (I’m visualising a soldier standing to attention!). It seems like a job that I do, a role I must fill, as opposed to an inherent part of me.

But ‘legacy’ on the other hand – now that feels exciting, that feels expansive and that feels like a full embodiment of my being.

For me the energy doesn’t feel like something I have to strive for, or seek out, but it’s the true essence of my being that I share with the world (I’m using the first person here, but it’s applicable to all of us). It’s the truest part of my Soul and Higher Self that I allow to shine, no matter what is going on inside or outside of me.

When we ask ourselves the question, ‘What legacy do you want to leave behind?’, it is so much more inviting than, ‘What is my life purpose?’.

Legacy being the full embodiment of who we are being, and how we are operating in the world, allows us to build this with every single interaction we have – whether in our personal lives, in business, with loved ones, strangers, people of different nationalities, race, ethnicity, religion etc. As Maya Angelou said, ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’.

Does that mean we have to be the perfect ‘infallible’ human?

Absolutely not. That’s impossible. We’re here to experience it all, mess up and learn. But it does mean that we take responsibility for ourselves, for our own hidden pain and learn to process that ourselves (that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone!), but it is ours to witness and not project onto others.

Legacy for me means knowing our true essence, our timeless Soul, our Higher Self that is always present, loving, kind, compassionate, and sharing that with others. There is no place for judgment when it comes to legacy, just connection, community and oneness. Legacy comes from within. I always say, ‘What’s in us flows out of us’, and every moment in life, we have the opportunity to build our legacy. It’s not elusive or set for some far off time. It is the here and now, and it filters into every aspect of our life.

So I ask again, what legacy do you want to leave behind, how do you want to be remembered, what aspects of yourself are holding you back from this true essence, how do you want to be in the world?

These questions will bring up shadows, fears, triggers and resistances, that is normal. These are our limits to process in order to reveal our true selves. This is the work!


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