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#175 – Inner Child Work with Wayne Woodthorpe

Inner Child podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Wayne Woodthorpe joins me.

Wayne is the Co-Founder of Inner Council & an Archetypal Therapist who has dedicated his life to filling in the fascinating theory of his youth into visceral experience.

This journey has taken him through all continents and a wide range of belief structures and metaphysical interpretations. Leaving a career in IT service management consultancy in 2014, Wayne has been based in Latin America working with sacred plant medicines, therapeutic processes and many complimentary practices to the eternal transcendental spiritual goal.

Working with people from diverse areas including lawyers, actors, writers, police & military personnel, to those with terminal illness, depression, PTSD and addiction, he has come to understand a single divine etiquette that follows us through healing, revising behaviour and attitude, and into the heights of our own authority and authorship. It is with these tools that he helps people today to deeply integrate and find meaning in their lives.


This is a great conversation with Wayne.

In this episode, he talks about:

  • Exploring the subjective
  • Traversing the emotional centre
  • Integrating the past before moving on
  • 8 basic needs of people
  • The benefits of doing inner child work
  • Building a trust relationship from within
  • Reframing the past
  • And much more

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