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#176 Biodecoding & Emotional Healing with Patricia Carlés

Patricia Carles podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Patricia Carlés is my guest.

Patricia is a medicine woman, author & ambassador for Scalar Light.

At the age of 17, she had her first initiation on the spiritual path, cultivating mediumship, service and charity, leading a priestly life in the Umbanda religion for 25 years.

She learned different methods of energy healing; Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Pranic Healing and Reflexology, among others. She trained as a holistic coach and psycho-biotherapist in Biodecoding.

Patricia  is a certified universal priestess and considers herself a medicine woman without dogmatic attachments to any religion and guardian of the Sacred Feminine through the teachings of Mary Magdalene.

Patricia currently works as an ambassador for Scalar Light for Latin America, a new quantum science that facilitates well-being and improves people’s health remotely and without medication.


This was a great (and vulnerable!) conversation with Patricia. She unexpectedly guided me through a Biodecoding mini-session, but it will be powerful for you to follow along with also.

Patricia also talks about:

  • The emotional region of a sickness
  • Biodecoding healing
  • How our cells hold memory
  • Identity issues in cancer
  • The importance of recognising ourselves as a whole
  • How every organ has a biological function & emotional function
  • Why she is the Ambassador for Scalar Light in Latin America
  • Benefits of Scalar Light
  • And much more

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Connect with Patricia online:


**Click here for the episode I recorded with Scalar Light Founder, Tom Paladino.





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