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#177 – Using Your Voice as a Healing Tool with Sara Giita Flores

Using Your Voice as a Tool for Healing

My guest this week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast is Sara Giita Flores.

Sara is a vocal empowerment coach, writer, and musician based near Denver, Colorado, USA who has embodied the transformation of trauma-induced silence and shame into radiant self-expression.

With 15 years of facilitation experience, she helps women to heal blocks and resistance coming from their inner child(ren) by speaking up and singing out.


In this episode, Sara talks about:

  • Shame induced silence
  • How inner child work was the beginning of self-love
  • The biological responses available to the nervous system
  • Caretaking all our parts
  • Dual awareness
  • Having our adult resourced self in charge
  • Why resistance is something to be curious about
  • The power of singing or affirmations
  • And much more

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