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#181 – Light Language & Healing with Andrea Donnelly

Andrea Donnelly Podcast

This week on the Curiosity & Consciousness podcast, Andrea Donnelly is my guest.

Andrea is a sought-after media personality, Spiritual Mentor, Quantum Sound and Energy Healer, and founder of We Are Here 2 Remember LLC. With over 20 years of experience in all things energy, she uses light language, speed codes, & the Akashic Records to clear intergenerational trauma, illness, and pain, so that her clients can align with their highest timeline and new levels of clarity, success and abundance.

She’s been featured in prestigious publications like Thrive Global, Yahoo, Bustle, Respin and Medium. When she is not doing media interviews or serving her clients, you can find her mothering her 2 cat children, many plants, and neighbourhood birds and squirrels, working on her tap dance-heavy spiritual comedy routine and dreaming up a better world for all of us.


In this episode, Andrea talks about:

  • Going through an olympic training ground in trauma
  • Remembering the truth since birth
  • Light language & what it is
  • Being able to hold multiple perspectives
  • Clearing our baggage
  • Quantum transformations
  • And much more

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